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The Glory of God

You ask me how I know it's true
That there is a Living God-
A God who rules the universe,
The sky... the sea... the sod;

A God Who holds all creatures
In the hollow of His hand;
A God Who put infinity
In one tiny grain of sand;

A God Who made the seasons-
Winter, Summer, Fall and Spring,
And put His flawless rhythm
Into each created thing;

A God Who hangs the sun out
Slowly with the break of day,
And gently takes the stars in
And puts the night away;

A God Whose mighty handiwork
Defies the skill of man,
For no architect can alter
God's perfect Master Plan-

What better answers are there
To prove His Holy Being
Than the wonders all around us
That are ours just for the seeing.

~~~Helen Steiner Rice~~~

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